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I use to be so obsessive about weighing myself everyday. I thought it would help keep me on track. I thought it would motivate me to continue to eat clean and workout when I didn’t feel like it. However it did the opposite. It made me feel horrible and depressed when I didn’t see the number I…

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From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.
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self righteous upright (read: uncle tom) black ppl will talk all day long about “oh niggas love to complain about police and white ppl but kill each other yall dont know about blah blah blah”) and im like


yall are fucking corny for that. why dont you uplift your niggas instead of shitting on them? yall gettin caught in the trap white ppl want you to be in.

white ppl want you to dislike your own race

white ppl want you to talk shit about your own ppl and bring them down

white ppl DONT want you to spread knowledge and wisdom around

white ppl want you to be bougie and stuck up

white ppl want you to beg to eat their table scraps

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ohdarlingraven replied to your post “OOTD PICS PLEASE! YOURE MY INSPO”

So?!?! What brand/color/style/shape/design etc?!?kwizIahkxoajnsx 😝 WE NEED THE DETAILS!! AND MORE OF YOU!

The answer to this question is: all of the under armour shorts and XL tshirts I have ever managed to steal from Jake’s closet. I don’t even have my own clothing anymore whoops 

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oh-holy-whales: How did you lose weight in your boobs!? I'm a DD and it hurts and is sooo inconvenient! Help please!!!

My boobs just went down as I lost weight. It wasn’t anything I did because you can’t spot reduce. Try and find a good, supportive bra and keep going with exercising and eating healthy.

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